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personalized meal delivery and cooking classes

Personalized Meal Delivery

Our chefs curate weekly meal delivery menus personalized to fit your dietary needs.

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Seasonal Class Memberships

We provide a season’s worth of classes that teach you how to grow, prepare, and preserve your own food.

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personalized meals

Sharing Meals Together

Our chefs work hard to provide you and your family with delicious, locally sourced meals personalized to fit your needs. We package them in sustainable and oven-proof glass containers for your convenience.

We deliver your meals personally, allowing us to maintain a relationship with you so we can refine your menus as tastes or dietary needs change.

Strengthen the local food system with us


We prioritize sourcing locally, including the best seasonal meats and produce from our community of vendors.


We provide you and your family with colorful, flavorful and delicious meals designed just for you.


We value our community and are committed to mentoring our chefs, making local food more accessible, building partnerships, and facilitating conversations to help co-create a more resilient food system.
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“Don’t eat anything your great-grandma wouldn’t recognize as food.”

– Michael Pollan